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Mintie Announces Latest Generation of Fully Scalable Environmental Containment Units Designed to Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Other Lethal Pathogens

Don’t Roll the Dice on Crime and Trauma Scene Cleanup Services




Alliance Environmental Opens New Office in Fresno

Air Duct Cleaning During Flu Season

Safety During Wildfire Cleanup

Creating a Home Inventory List in the Event of a Loss

Alliance Environmental Group, Inc. Acquires SoCal Indoor Air Services

Air Duct Cleaning in Grow Houses

The Importance of Properly Managed HVAC Systems in Grow Houses

The Importance of Air Balancing in Grow Houses

Alliance’s Hands on Training Centers

Spotting Mold Allergies in Children

Protecting Workers in Excessive Heat Conditions

Marketing "How To's"

Why Bed Bugs Are Hard to Kill

It's Not if, It's When

Increase of Bedbug Insurance Claims by U.S. Businesses

Monterey Contractor Busted for Illegal Asbestos Removal

Bed Bug Season is Among Us

How to Survive Tradeshow Season

Top Cities with Bed Bug Infestations

Where to Find Asbestos in the Home

Cleaning up the Bad and the Ugly with Alliance


Colorado Property Management Company Facing Asbestos Exposure Lawsuit

Where Mold Can be Found in Homes

Legionella: A Rising Threat to Water Management Health & Safety Part 4

Legionella: A Rising Threat to Water Management Health & Safety Part 3

LEGIONELLA: A Rising Threat to Water Management Health & Safety Part 2

Legionella: A Rising Threat to Water Management Health & Safety

Alliance Environmental Group Participates in IFMA World Workplace 2016

Bio/Hazard Interview

Did you see? We're in the CAI Magazine!

Alliance Opens New Imperial County Office

Alliance Opens New California Central Coast Office

Bed Bugs for Property Managers

How Was Your Day … Suicide Scene Cleaner?

NEW Team Heat Truck

Bio Hazard - What to do

Robert McKeever - Project Manager, Alliance Trauma CleanUp



Alliance Environmental Group Receives the 2015 ThermaPure® Best Practices Performance Award

Bedbugs are Back!

Alliance Environmental Group Opens New Northern California Office


Emergency Renovation Guidelines

AEG Receives the 2015 ThermaPure® Best Practices Performance Award


Excessive Content Clean Up

Alliance Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Alliance Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Questions to Ask Your Abatement Subcontractor

Massive Public Health Contamination in Los Angeles

Preparing for Mold Season

Asbestos Found in Children’s Toys | Alliance

Lead Poisoning in Los Angeles

Disaster Preparedness

California's Bed Bug Season

Tear Gas Clean Up

Answers to Common Questions about Mold for Property Managers

6 Bed Bug Facts Every Hotel Manager Needs to Know

Revolutionary Indoor Air Treatment: ThermaPureHeat

Happy Bed Bug Season!

By The Book Asbestos Cleanup for General Contractors

Quality Control Tips for Environmental Cleanup

Save Energy and Prevent Problems with Dryer Vent Cleaning

6 Benefits of Power Washing Services

Make The New Year an Asbestos-Free Year

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs: Heat vs. Chemical Treatments

The Ins and Outs of Black Mold Removal

Signs You May Need Air Duct Cleaning Services

Asbestos Demolition Inspection

Asbestos Safety: How can you be exposed?

The Most Common Places You'll Find Asbestos in Your Home

Mold, Lead, Asbestos: Hurricane Sandy Hidden Hazards

Mold News: January 2015

Best Bed Bug Treatment? Crank Up the Heat!

Identifying Lead Hazards

Happy New Year!

Reduce Mold Exposure on a Water Damaged Building

Are These Asbestos Floor Tiles?

Mold Problem in California Fire Station

From All of Us to All of You...

Don't Get Bed Bugs for Christmas!

Terminology in the Asbestos Industry

3 Types of Lead Paint Testing to Consider

Give the Gift of Asbestos...Not!

SLIDESHOW: We Care East LA Holiday Community Event

Avoid Bed Bug Problems This Holiday Season

Bed Bugs and the Heat Removal Process

Holiday Events Part 1

Risks of Lead Poisoning at the Holidays

A Guide to a Good Demolition Safety Plan

Managing Asbestos in Apartment Buildings: 5 NESHAP Requirements for Property Owners

Preventing Mold During a Wet Winter

Enforcing Lead Regulations

A Little Mold for Your Coffee?

Asbestos Still Legal in the U.S.

Ten Days Left in Our Toy Drive!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Asbestos Ceiling Removal - Is it Worth Doing the Work Yourself?

Mold Growth During Winter Months

Bed Bugs Can Carry Disease After All

Health Problems from Mold: Memory and Anxiety

Asbestos Found In Different Industries

Lead Abatement - The Process and the Involved Risks

Part III: Mold Inside Walls

Bed Bug Remedies to Avoid

Asbestos Myths

Asbestos Removal and Safe Handling

Asbestos Violations Risk Huge Fines and Workers' Health

Mold: Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Veterans Face Asbestos Risks

Asbestos in Talcum Powder

4th Annual Toy Drive is Under Way!

Bed Bug Action Plan for Hotels

VIDEO: Tips for Ebola Cleanup

Toxic Halloween

How to Detect Mold Inside Walls

Regular Ductwork Cleaning and Maintenance Is an Essential Part of Running a Business

Lead Poisoning Becoming A Major Problem In Shooting Ranges

What Is Asbestos Abatement?

Torrance Office Grand Opening: Oktoberfest!

National Lead Prevention Week 2014

Are There Lead Paint Removal Requirements for Property Owners?

Mold Hiding in the New Home Your Purchased

Dust Mites 101

Try Bed Bug Heat Treatment To Get Rid Of Persistent Creepy-Crawlies

Asbestos Scare in Huntington Beach Schools

Even Cute Rodents Can Be Dangerous

Fall Fun for Alliance!

Understanding Mold and Apartment Mold Laws

Beware of Bad Advice on Lead Paint

Extended Bed Bug Season, Says Expert

Cleaning After Ebola

Get Healthier Breathing Air with Air Duct Cleaning Services

Myth: Bleach Works to Kill Mold

Bed Bug Notifications

Renters' #1 Fear: Bed Bugs!

Mesothelioma Awareness Day is Here Again!

How To Identify Lead Paint in Residential and Commercial Structures

It Only Takes a Moment: Asbestos Exposure

Hidden Hazard:Asbestos

Sniffling? It Might Not Be a Cold--It Might Be Mold

Bed Bug Seminar

The Importance of HVAC Cleaning at Your Apartment Complex

Tips for Avoiding Lead in Lipstick

Landlords Disclosing Lead Paint in Properties

Mold Can Still Grow in a Heat Wave

PA School Superintendent Discovers Buried Evidence of Asbestos

Penalties for Illegal Asbestos Removal in California

It's Mold Awareness Month: Mold Basics

Mesothelioma Awareness Day

Asbestos at School: What Could Happen?

Lead Paint Causes Recall of Children's Sunglasses

Pressure Washing Services are the Best Way to Revamp Your House

Early Planning for the 4th Annual Dinner With Friends

Buildings Red-Tagged After Earthquake

Happy Labor Day!

Indoor Mold and Asthma

Aftermath of the Napa Earthquake

How to Find a Good Contractor? 7 Common Traits of Bad Contractors

Natural Disaster Cleanup: Wine in Napa Valley

$75 Million Lawsuit Over Mold at the Board of Equalization Building

Goodbye, Bed Bug Season!

Asbestos in Welsh University Dormitories

Materials containing asbestos

What are the Main Asbestos Poisoning Symptoms?

Demolition Projects in California

Bed Bugs In Lodi, CA Movie Theater

Hoarding: A Huge Cleanup Project

UCLA Dealing With Flood Damage

Testing for PCB's in Malibu

4 Reasons Why Mold Grows in the Attic

Bed Bug Bombs: Dangerous and Ineffective

Fighting Mold Outside

Bed Bugs: The Unwanted Shopper

The ABCs of Roach Proofing Your Office

Equipment and Key Steps to Remediate Mold

Asbestos Insulation Disastrous in Australia

Los Angeles Moves Down List of Worst Bed Bug Cities

Prevent Water Damage While On Vacation

Bed Bugs in VA Movie Theater

Crawlspace: Musty and Moldy Odors

Playing in Asbestos? Yikes!

Allergic to Dust Mites? There's a shot for that!

Property Management Take Action Against Mold

Bed Bugs and Dorm Rooms

Termite Control in Your Home

When Bed Bugs Become Book Bugs

RIA vs. ThermaPure Lawsuit Ends in Win-Win Settlement

Mold in Schools: How to Prevent It

Bed Bugs on the BBC

Lead Paint Violations in Sunnydale San Francisco

Golf Tournament with Southern California Claims

UPDATE: Asbestos in the Capitol Building

Asbestos Scare in the U.S Capitol

Small Businesses to Assist the EPA with Lead Paint Policies

Mold on a Path of Growth in Apartments

Lead Poisoning Through the Ages

Happy Independence Day!

House Hunting: Mold Removal

June Events, Part 2

Hurricane Sandy: Bill Requires Mold Contractors Be Certified

ThermaPureHeat for Bugs, Large and Small

Bed Bug Mobility

Stopping Lead Poisoning

HVAC Cleaning: Spend Some, Save Some

Early Bed Bug Detection Methods

Alliance Has Been Busy in June!

Chinese Drywall Can Cause Health Problems

Managing Indoor Mold Growth During the Summer

Asbestos Floor Tile: Don’t Just Pull It Up

Bed Bug Cases Declining in Some States

VIDEO: What You Need to Know About Lead Paint

Bed Bug Advice from 1850

Safely Disposing of Asbestos Waste

Mercury and Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

Tips for Hiring a Lead Safe Contractor

Contractors and Mold: Prevention

Do You Have Bed Bugs or Something Else?

Demolition and Asbestos

Bed Bug Tips for Going on Vacation

Highest Rate of Child Lead Poisoning in New Haven

Is Asbestos in Soil Dangerous?

Choosing The Wrong Mold Contractor Can End Up Costing You More

Nanoparticles: The New Asbestos?

Asthma Awareness Month:Dust Mites and Allergies

Happy Memorial Day!

Asbestos on Memorial Day

5 Ways To Protect Your Home From Termites

DIY Bed Bug Trap

Cleaning Up After a Wild Fire Disaster

UPDATE: Who Likes Wet Paint Smell?

Fires and Oil Spills, oh, my!

Purchasing A Home That May Need Mold Removal

Brick Houses and Termites

Renovation, Repair, and Painting Program for Public and Commercial Buildings Panel

Alliance is Growing Again!

Bed Bugs at School

Mold Growth Should Be Avoided

How Toxic Is Toxic Mold?

Lead Dust:Asthma Awareness Month

Teacher Appreciation Week 2014

Is Mold in Juice Boxes a Big Concern?

3 Billion Sq. Feet of Construction Space Has Earned LEED Certification

Another Great Event: Relay for Life

Lowe's Settles EPA Lead Paint Allegation

Termites a Top Threat to Homes

Mold Inspectors Can Learn From Radon Professionals

Bed Bugs Found in Public Transportation

SLIDESHOW: 2nd Annual Golf Tournament

Earth Day 2014:Green Cities

Mold in the News and the Pollen Vortex

Lead Paint Still an Issue

Crystalline Silica Can Become A Dust Hazard

Our Second Annual Golf Tournament is April 21!

Lead Awareness for Homeowners

Hawaii Not Spared by Bed Bug Plague

Termites in Spring

Flood Cleanup:Asbestos

Healthy Schools and Mold

Lead Safety: Make Sure Your Contractor is Certified

Bed Bugs Found All Over

ThermapureHeat for Bed Bugs

How Can We Help the Public Be Aware of Asbestos?

Asbestos: The Evil Dust

Asbestos and Earthquakes

Global Asbestos Awareness Week April 1-7

Bed Bugs Do Not Carry Disease But Yuck!

10 Tips to help you deal with Bed Bugs

ThermapureHeat for Insects and Rodents

Can People Get Sick from Mold?

Bed Bugs at the Olympics

Asbestos on the First Day of Spring

Identify the 5 Bed Bug Symptoms

ThermapureHeat for Odors

The EPA Helps Reduce Children's Exposure to Pests and Pesticides

Lead Contamination in Vernon, CA

ThermaPureHeat for Construction Dryouts

Asbestos Disease Awareness Week

Our Next Cause: Walk Now for Autism Speaks

Mold Affecting the Public

Is Silica dust the New Asbestos?

Mardi Gras Beads Added to List of Lead Hazards

Termites: Spring Pests That Cause Property Damage

Dinner With Friends Goal Far Surpassed!

Why Bleach Is Not The Solution To Sanitize,Clean or Disinfect

Here Comes the Mold

Dinner With Friends is Tomorrow!

Prevent Mold from Growing in Crawlspaces

ThermaPureHeat for Mold

Toxic Black Mold found Indoors

Radio Interview with Carlos and Matt: Dinner with Friends

Environmental Hazards to the Presidents

Lead Safety:Setting Up Proper Containment

More Auction Items for the Dinner With Friends

Managing asbestos in Schools

Happy Presidents' Day!

Scariest Animals: Where Do Bed Bugs Rank?

Hidden Mold in Your Environment

Dinner with Friends: Amazing Auction Items

Lead found in Nevada Homes

Love is in the Air! Or is it a swarm of termites?

Dust Mites: What Can You Do?

Prevent a Termite Infestation

Get Your Tickets Now for the Dinner With Friends

World Cancer Day 2014

One Bed Bug, A Whole Heap of Trouble

Love Paper Books? Watch Out For Mold!

Asbestos in the Home

Dinner With Friends: Update

Asbestos found throughout the United States

National Geographic Video: Bed Bugs

Does This Asbestos Floor Tile Look Familiar?

LEED and Soft Demolition

VIDEO: Dinner With Friends, 2013

How to Stop Mold from Growing

New List of Top 10 Cities for Bed Bugs is Out

Wildfire Smoke and Your Home

Asbestos Companies:Should you hire them?

Seeking Sponsors for the Dinner With Friends

Using Heat to kill Pests

Lead Paint Abatement Fund Grows in CA

Bed Bugs: Itchy Bites Not the Only Health Risk

Mold growing in apartment buildings

400th Post: Save the Date for the Dinner with Friends!

Bed Bugs surviving freezing temperatures

California Judge: Unusual Ruling in Lead Paint Case

Could That Smell in Your Basement Be Mold?

Lead Awareness

Happy New Year!

Asbestos Fibers found in Nevada

Bed Bugs May Not Have Wings, But They Can Fly

Stop Mold From Growing This Winter

From all of us to all of you...Happy Holidays!

Tis the season to give

Highlights of Our Holiday Season

Finding information about Mold

UPDATE: We Care East LA Community Holiday Event

California Lead Paint Case ends with a $1.1 Billion Fine

Let it Mold...Let it Mold...Let it Mold?

Banish those bed bugs with heat

VIDEO: Dance of the Termites

News on the Demolition Industry

Only 5 More Days for our Toy Drive!

Unusual Uses of Asbestos in History

Mold in Public Areas

VIDEO: Why Bed Bugs Are So Hard to Get Rid Of

Bed Bugs: A Modern Plague

Real Christmas Trees: Pro or Con

Happy Thanksgiving!

Testing Your Home For Lead

We Care East LA Toy Drive 2013 Has Begun!

You Never Know Where Asbestos Will Turn Up!

Mold Check Up

Another Surprise Food Truck!

Detecting Lead Hotspots in your Home

Traveling for Thanksgiving? Don't Bring Home Any Bed Bugs!

Toy Imports Seized for Lead, Choking Hazards

The U.S. House of Representative passes the FACT ACT

Bed Bugs Like Three Square Meals, Too!

Bacteria found in bed bugs

Happy Veteran's Day

National Philanthropy Day: Congratulations Carlos and Matt!

Mold Can Increase Allergies for Individuals during the Fall

Common Indoor Contaminants--Recognize Them All?

Six Types Of Mold That Can Affect Your Environment

VIDEO: Bed Bug Feeding

Spores That Go Bump in the Night

Bed Bugs inside Halloween Costumes

Don't Let Dry Wood Termites Damage Your Property

Asbestos Halloween Costume Ideas

VIDEO: Lead Poisoning Prevention Interview

Creating Awareness during Lead Poisoning Prevention Week

Lead in the News

Lead can be Preventable

Lead Poisoning Awareness Week Has Begun!

Guest Blog: Smart Firewood Tactics for Avoiding Mold and Termites

Advantages of Structural Pasteurization

What About Bleach for Mold?

What to wear when working with Asbestos

Columbus Had Termites!

Hotel Sweep Uncovers Terrible Bed Bug Problems in Indianapolis

Indoor Mold Results in Schools Closing

How Much Do You Know About Asbestos?

Lead Paint Lawsuit Update

Mold: A Challenge All Over

INFOGRAPHIC: Anatomy of a Bed Bug

A Bed Bug Dilemma

Matt Kelly's Presentation at the NADCA

Lead Paint-A Complex Problem

Alliance's Busy Week

Treating Nasty Bed Bugs--with HEAT!

Help Support Mesothelioma Awareness Day

Mesothelioma Awareness Day 2013

Bed Bug Hot Spots

That Mold in the Fridge

Friday Links: September 20, 2013

Mold During The Fall

Tenants: Check Your New Place for Mold

Mold Can Be An Asthma Trigger

Choosing a Reputable Trauma Scene Cleanup Company

Matt Kelly to Speak at NADCA Conference

Top 4 Bed Bugs Myths

Asbestos and 9/11

Mold Awareness Tools

Asbestos at School: Mountain or Molehill?

Alliance Environmental Weekly: September 6, 2013

Asbestos-A Global Danger

Bed Bugs on Dr. Oz!

Tip of the week: Know who to hire for a mold inspection

Happy Labor Day!

Top 10 US Cities for Bed Bugs: 2013

Decrease Mold From Growing by Observing Your Environment

Do Not Disturb Asbestos

Sales and Marketing Conference 2013

Customer Appreciation Day: August 2013

Re-rise of Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs Make Bad Roommates

Update on Baby Carson's Shoe Drive

Lead in Lipstick: Is Beauty Worth the Risk?

Friday Links: Last Friday of Summer Vacation!

Become Cautious about Lead- Based Paint

Grunerite: Like Asbestos...Sometimes

No safe level of Asbestos

How to Inspect a Hotel Room for Bed Bugs

Is Cadmium the New Lead?

Mold Exposure Can Effect A Whole Community

Lead Found in Hot Sauce

Asbestos Exposure Remains High

Bed Bug Links: August 5, 2013

Budget Cuts Hurting Lead Poisoning Prevention Programs

Mold- A Public Health Concern

Great Success: Fundraising for Free Wheelchair Mission

Lead Poisoining Awareness

VIDEO: Alliance for Asbestos Duct Removal

Demolition and Recycling

Got Any Old Shoes? Baby Carson Could Use Some!

Off On the Road to Havana!

Uncontrollable Moisture= Mold

Where Is That Musty Smell Coming From?

Alliance in the News!

How healthy is your environment?

Lead Paint Makers in Court

Announcing...Our New Office in Aptos!

Happy Summer Friday!

Asbestos Popcorn Ceiling Project and a Great Review

Fighting Mold in the Garden

Friday Links: July 5, 2013

Happy Birthday, America!

Happy Lead Poisoning Prevention Month!

Preventing Leaks = Preventing Mold

Alliance Continues to Grow

Monday Links: June 24, 2013

Watch Alliance Remove Asbestos Acoustic Ceiling Tile

Lead Found in Indian Spices

Monday Links: June 17, 2013

Bed Bugs No Fun at San Diego State

Allergens Lurking in Your Home

Monday Links: June 10, 2013

Popcorn: Good Snack, Bad Ceiling

Summertime and the Livin' Is Easy--for Bed Bugs!

Monday Links: June 3, 2013

Bogus Mold Inspectors on ABC News

Crime Scene Cleanup on Inside Edition

Happy Memorial Day!

VIDEO: Fungal Pathogens

Thinking of the folks in Oklahoma!

Monday Links: May 20, 2013

Bed Bugs: Not the Best Summer Vacation Souvenir!

Is Mineral Wool the New Asbestos?

Monday Links: May 13, 2013

Guest Blog: The Importance of Surveying and Managing Asbestos

Would You Like Bed Bugs With That?

Monday Links: May 6, 2013

History of Asbestos

SLIDESHOW: Our First Golf Tournament

Lead Regulations Costing EPA More Than Expected

Just What the Doctor Ordered: Bed Bugs!

Waiting for Photos from the Golf Tournament

Guest Post: An Unleaded Plan for Your Health

Alliance Acquires AMP Abatement in San Diego

Pets and Mold Don't Mix

Bean Leaves to Combat Bed Bugs?

Lead in Baby Food? Say It Isn't So!

VIDEO: Bed Bug Reproduction

Event of the Week: SDCAA Expo!

Asbestos in the News: April 5, 2013

Asbestos: 5 Questions to Ask Before You DIY

Global Asbestos Awareness Week: April 1-7, 2013

Let's Rethink Facility Management

SLIDESHOW: Ronald McDonald House Dinner with Friends 2013

Monday Links: Spring Break!

Alliance in New Orleans with the NADCA

Can Dust Mites Turn Back Time?

VIDEO: Mold in My Home: Now What?

Friday Links: March 15, 2013

Support the Child Guidance Center--And Win!

CDC Lowers Lead Poisoning Threshhold--What About the EPA?

Congratulations, Matt and Carlos!!

Where Can You Find Asbestos? All Over!

Bessie Smith Sings "The Mean Old Bed Bug Blues"

Job of the Week: Mold in Chino Hills

Silent Auction Item List: Ronald McDonald Dinner with Friends

The Aftermath of Trauma

Bed Bug Behavior Offers Clues for Fighting Infestations

Ronald McDonald House Dinner with Friends Is Only 2 Weeks Away!

Mold and Your Health

Alliance Invests in New Thermal Remediation Equipment

Friday Links: Bed Bugs, Lead, Asbestos and More!

Adelphi University Takes Bed Bugs Seriously--And so do we!

Lead Paint Exposed After a Disaster

Friday Links: What Makes a Bed Bug Magnet and Other Fateful Questions

Another Day, Another Crime Scene Cleanup Project

Friday Links: Lead Paint in Butte, Bed Bugs in Chicago and More

Nanotubes: Asbestos of the Future?

UPDATE and VIDEO: Ronald McDonald House Dinner with Friends

Your Indoor Environment When It's Cold

Can Mold Cause Cancer?

Friday Links: Legionnaires', Asbestos, Mold, Bed Bugs and More!

Asbestos Was Once Banned in the US

New-to-You Device? New Challenge: Bed Bugs

Case Study: Heat to Fight Odor in Gymnasium

Another Crime Scene for Our Team

From All of Us to All of You...

New Year's Eve Weekend Quick Links

Christmas with Alliance

Merry Christmas!

Pictures from the We Care East LA Holiday Party!

Nevada Air Duct Cleaning Company Faces Charges for Faking Mold Killer

Bedbug Soldiers

Last Day of the We Care East LA Toy Drive is TODAY!

We Three Molds...

Is Fiberglass the New Asbestos?

Navy Veterans Face Greater Risk of Asbestos-Related Illness

All I Got for Christmas Was...Lead Poisoning? UPDATE

Fighting Winter Allergies Part 2: Dust Mites

Friday Links: Almost December?!?

Bed Bugs in Canoga Park

Fighting Winter Allergies Part 1: Mold

Happy Thanksgiving!

Crime Scene Crew Called Again!

Heat for Termites: A Case Study

Our First Look: Ronald McDonald House Dinner with Friends

Happy Veterans Day!

Friday Links: November 9, 2012

Asbestos Basics

Mold: Prevention and Treatment

Meningitis Deaths Caused by Black Mold

Friday Links: Asbestos, Bed Bugs, Mold (and Germs)

Alliance Called to HazMat Situation in Modesto

Clearing up Confusion for National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week

Killing Bed Bugs: Sprays vs. Heat

Mold in Monterey County Building Causing and Making Illness Worse

Friday Links: Mold, Bed Bugs, Dryer Vent Fires

It's National Fire Prevention Week!

Delay in Implementation of LRRP Rules for Commercial Buildings

Friday Quick Links: October 5, 2012

Your Home's History and Your Health

Happy Blogiversary!

Crime Scene Cleanup Project: Johnny Lewis Murder

Asbestos-Laden Gettysburg Map Gets New Home

NEW FEATURE: Friday Quick Links

BREAKING! You Cannot Kill Bed Bugs with Herbs!

After a Disaster

Handy and Healthy: Asbestos Safety

Reflections on 9/11: The Air They Breathed

Mold Delaying Start of School Year

TV Station Helps New Mom Get Bed Bug Relief

New Opt-Out for Lead Rules Proposed

The Last Weekend of Bed Bug Season

Red Vines Black Licorice Recalled for Lead

Chinese Cars Recalled for Asbestos

VIDEO: Alliance Removing Vinyl Asbestos Tile and Mastic Adhesive

Heat Treatment Kills Bed Bugs in CT Libraries

Lead Paint Makers Will Get Medical Records

Climate Change and Mold

Bed Bug Tips for Renters

Tour Our New Website!

Bed Bugs at the Olympics? Oh, no!

Bed Bug Prevention Tips

Jewelry: A Potential Source of Lead

Alliance CEO Joseph McLean Earns New Certification

New Mold Species Contribute to Sick Building Syndrome

Bed Bugs in the News—AGAIN!

Cleaning Up Meth Lab Scenes with Heat

Happy Birthday, U.S.A.!

ThermaPureHeat Case Study: Smoke Odors

California Condors Remain Endangered by Lead

Asbestos Removal is NOT a DIY Project!

Mold in Drug Manufacturing Plant May Lead to Shortages for Cancer Patients

VIDEO: Our First Capital is First for Bed Bugs, Too!

VIDEO: Mold is Problematic Even Before You Can See It

The LRRP Rule Saga Continues

Asbestos Risks: More Than Just Cancer

Another Reason for Lead Remediation: Composting

Mold in the News

Bed Bugs Can Carry Disease After All!

VIDEO: Possibly the Worst Bed Bug Infestation EVER!

Matt Kelly Earns Another Certification!

Disaster Cleanup and Environmental Challenges

VIDEO: How Would an Expert Get Rid of Bed Bugs in His Own Home?

ThermaPureHeat at Work!

Mold from Storm Damage…or from Poor Maintenance?

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Bed Bugs and Prison: Not a Good Combination

Another Award? Yep!

AAA Awards Alliance Environmental Group!

Monkeypox or Bed Bugs?

SLIDESHOW: April BOMA Luncheon

Excitement on an Asbestos Project!

VIDEO: Mold in Military Housing Part 2

Asbestos Deposits in California

VIDEO: Mold in Military Housing

ThermaPureHeat for Structural Pasteurization

Welcome New Team Members!

VIDEO:Crazy Bed Bugs!

EPA Begins Fining Violators of LRRP Rules

Happy National Networking Week!

Global Asbestos Awareness Week, April 1-7

Grants of $12.7 Million to California from HUD

San Francisco Accepting Public Comments on New Bed Bug Regulations

Heat Better Than Chemicals for Bed Bugs in Hospitals

SLIDESHOW: Ronald McDonald House Dinner with Friends

NIGHTLINE VIDEO: Early Spring Brings Early Pests

Is Your City in the Top 50…for Bed Bugs?!?

Lead Poisoning: Lower Threshold = Lower Funding?

What a Weekend!

Spring has Sprung!

Asbestos Waste Found Near School in El Monte

One Week Left to Donate!

VIDEO: Opening of New San Diego Ronald McDonald House

VIDEO: Bed Bugs During a Heat Treatment

Ronald McDonald House Dinner With Friends

Asbestos in the News

Happy Lincoln’s Birthday!

Ronald McDonald House Dinner Update!

Thanks for the great review!

VIDEO: Bed Bugs in San Diego

VIDEO: Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs on Nightline!

Asbestos Today

Bed Bugs Occupy the Ritz-Carlton!

VIDEO: Lead Poisoning in Children

CSI: Azusa Part 4—Is this a Job for You?

One of Our Favorite Causes: Ronald McDonald House

VIDEO: Foreclosures and Environmental Challenges

CSI Azusa Part 3: Meth Labs

Latest News from Alliance Environmental Group!

VIDEO: How to Check Your Hotel for Bed Bugs BEFORE You Travel

New Lead Poisoning Standards May Be Coming

CSI: Azusa Part 2—The 3 Most Common Crime and Trauma Scenes

CSI Azusa: Crime and Trauma Scenes

Happy New Year!

SLIDESHOW: We Care East LA Community Holiday Event

Detecting Bed Bugs Before They Spread

Happy Holidays from Alliance Environmental Group!

VIDEO: BedBugCentral’s Response to the Body Hair Study

Dashing Through the Asbestos?!

Bed Bug News: Body Hair Can Help Slow Down Bed Bugs

The Weather Outside is Frightful: Avoiding Mold in a Wet Winter

BREAKING NEWS: Our New Office in Anaheim Is Open!

The Birds and the Bed Bugs: Reproduction!

VIDEO: Alliance in the News—Killing Bed Bugs in Berkeley!

All I Got for Christmas Was…Lead Poisoning?

VIDEO: 10 Tips for Preventing Bed Bugs

There’s More to Maintaining a Power Plant than You Might Think!

Erionite: More Dangerous Than Asbestos

VIDEO: ThermaPureHeat Treatment for Bed Bugs

Dryer Vent Fire?  That Could Never Happen to Me!

When the Bed Bugs Bite

Mercury: Stay Away!

We Are Expanding!

Articles from our Latest Newsletter

VIDEO: How Well Do Insecticides Really Work?

Join Us in Supporting Our Community!

Asbestos 101

News from Our Newsletter!

Bed Bugs: Prevention and Treatment

VIDEO: The NBC Affiliate in San Diego did a story about Bed Bugs!

Are Bed Bugs the Ugliest? Vote Now!

VIDEO: Bed Bug Apocalypse

Happy National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week!

Bed Bug Resistance to Insecticides Becoming More Clear

VIDEO:  Infested: Bed Bugs

Autumn Leaves…and Other Moldy Issues

And the Survey Says…

We Get Mail! - Your Lead Regulation Questions Answered

Free Wheelchair Mission Challenge!

Congratulations, Jackie Mezeul!

Bed Bugs: Alternative to Insecticides

EPA’s Lead Renovation Rule Will Be Clearer after Amendments

Air Duct Cleaning Scams Exposed on NBC’s Dateline Program

Los Angeles Seeing More Bed Bug Infestations

Bed Bug Crisis Escalates into EPA Crisis Meeting

National Air Duct Cleaners Association Says Scammers Beware

Reducing Cooling Costs in Your Commercial Building

New EPA Regulations for Lead Paint Removal

Kitchen Hood/Exhaust Cleaning

Shopping the Competition

Alliance Environmental Group Gives Back

Bedbugs invade beds in the Bay Area

Green way to kill bed bugs

The Truth about Air Cleaners

New law passed on Tuesday prohibiting retailers to sell children’s toys that contain dangerous level

LA Times Writes about the Bed Bug Phenomenon

Concerns about Materials Containing Asbestos

California Wildfires

Bed Bugs

The Importance of Dryer Vent Cleaning

Which type of mold is considered harmful mold?