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by Wendy Stackhouse · April 23, 2012

Asbestos Deposits in California

You can see from our featured image that California is home to large deposits of asbestos, not to mention large numbers of mines.  There are also many deposits in the Eastern part of the US. 

It is important to know where asbestos can be found in your home, but also to know where it can be found in your outdoor environment.  When ground was broken for new soccer fields at Oak Ridge High School in El Dorado, California, a vein of asbestos was disturbed.  Asbestos was released into the air in El Dorado during the project, but the problem was exacerbated by the use of the soccer fields for activities, kicking up asbestos dust which was breathed in by students, athletes, coaches and spectators on a regular basis, taken home on their clothes and definitely posed a great danger to this California community.


Clear Creek, California hosts the largest US deposit of asbestos and over 35,000 visitors every year for outdoor activities like driving offroad vehicles, camping and hiking, but the recreation area has been closed since last summer to give the Bureau of Land Management a chance to figure out how to make it safe.  Dangerous levels of asbestos dust were being released into the air by off-road vehicles and motorcycles and the area was found to be especially dangerous to children. 

Since there is such a huge deposit of asbestos at Clear Creek, of course it is the site of a former mine, the Atlas asbestos mine, now a Superfund cleanup site.

You can check this document at the US Geological Survey for information on asbestos deposits in California.

If asbestos becomes exposed because of renovation, building or natural disaster, remember there is no safe level of exposure.  Call a professional asbestos abatement company like Alliance Environmental Group to take care of it without any danger to you, your family or your community!

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