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by Susana · November 12, 2013

Bacteria found in bed bugs

Today in the morning, I was reading some articles on bed bugs. The bed bug problem has become more and more common. A study was done in 2011 by the Natural Link Lab that included collecting various groups of bed bugs. The bed bugs were examined to see if they carried bacteria and yeasts which in fact were carried by the insects on the surface. As a result,recent research has found that bed bugs can carry bacteria that can be harmful to individuals. That bacteria that was found in bed bugs includes, Enterococcus faecalis, Proteus mirabilis and Staphylococcus aerus. Entetococcus faecalis can be responsible for very serious and sometimes life threatening infection in humans especially in hospitals and in individuals with low immune systems. Proteus mirabilis can cause urinary tract infections and the formation of stones. According to whatarebacteria.com, "Staphylococcus Aureus is present in the skin and nasal passageways of many people, without causing any harm to their health. The bacteria is often implicated in minor skin ailments, such as acne and other harmless skin rashes. However, once the bacteria penetrates the skin’s defenses through an open wound or through the body cavities, it can have many harmful effects and even cause death. "


These are all bacteria that bed bugs can carry and studies have shows that high heat can kill the pathogens carried by bed bugs. Natural Link Lab recommends heat methods to eliminate bed bugs such as structural pasteurization. As defined by ThermaPureHeat, Structural pasteurization is a process in which the temperature of a building or portion of a building is increased to a level that will reduce the targeted organisms to acceptable levels while minimizing damage to the structure. This type of pasteurization is used in the

ThermaPureHeat process. This is a healthier alternative when trying to eliminate bed bugs because there are no dangerous residue or odor, no chemicals are used and it is harmless to people. At Alliance Environmental Group,Inc we use the heating process to eliminate bed bugs because it is a environmentally friendly and safe alternative. This heating process will not only kill bed bugs but can also have greater benefits like improving the air quality inside indoor environments. Our technicians are highly trained in using heat to eliminate pest control. If you find any bed bugs in your environment contact us and we can be of assistance.






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