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by Wendy Stackhouse · June 27, 2014

Bed Bug Mobility

Image by Michael Aulia via Flickr Creative Commons

We've given you lots of information about how to avoid bed bugs when you travel and how to make sure you haven't brought any home, but bed bugs can move around quite a bit locally as well--from place to place in your home.

Bed bugs hide in dark corners and not just in beds. Cracks in walls, drawers, behind pictures or mirrors--just about anywhere small and dark can be a haven for bed bugs during the day.

At night, however, they come out, finding their victims by following their exhaled carbon dioxide and can travel as far as 20 feet from their hiding places to find a nice meal. Or two or three. Remember they tend to bite in groups of 3, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Part of the problem with using sprays to combat bed bug infestations is the very fact that they will hide in any dark crevice. Sprays are only good for killing bed bugs by direct contact. That means any bug that's hiding during treatment, any bug in a location you didn't realize, any eggs that are not out in the open will creep out later and start your infestation up all over again.

The only way to be sure to get all the bugs in all their hiding places (eggs, too!) is to treat them with heat. High temperatures kill bed bugs no matter where they are, since it can penetrate walls and furniture. It also kills hidden eggs, preventing them from hatching and reinfesting your home.


ThermapureHeat is the solution to your bed bug problems. One treatment and your bed bug infestation is history and they won't come back. No chemical residue to worry about and no need to move out for days to allow pesticides to dissipate--your bed bug challenges will be over! Contact Alliance Environmental Group for assistance!

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