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by Susana · September 30, 2014

Bed Bug Notifications

Bed bug sightings have been happening all over the country. Bed bugs have been making their way around hundreds of homes, hotels and schools throughout the country and the cases of bed bugs have been increasing. Bed bugs can easily travel through clothes and luggage and cause an infestation in days. New York has been on a trend because a mandatory bedbug notification would tell New Yorkers if the subway, bus or railway car has been infested with bed bugs. The bed bug problem has caused a concern for many commuters who travel daily in different transportation systems.

If one commuter has bed bugs in their home without knowing and they ride the bus or train other commuters can go home with a bed bug and then their homes get infested. It becomes a "snowball" effect. It starts with one person and a bed bug then it doubles and doubles until there is an infestation. If a sighting of bed bug occurs full treatment is provided to kill the bugs. This is a great way not only to alert commuters but to spread awareness because commuters can check for any signs of bed bugs before they enter their homes. What do you think about getting notifications if bed bugs exist in transportation vehicles? If you find bed bugs at home contact a professional. Our Team Heat Division specializes in eliminating bed bugs by using alternative methods like heat. Heat treatment is an effective, safe, and environmentally friendly alternative to fumigation that can be used for entire structures, confined areas or localized spot treatments.

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