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by Wendy Stackhouse · July 23, 2012

Bed Bug Prevention Tips

Although bed bugs can be found just about anywhere—even in luxury hotels—you can prevent them from coming home with you!

No one wants to talk about bed bugs. Well, no one except me! But whether we like it or not, bed bugs can be found anywhere. These may be the top 15 cities in the US for bed bugs this year, but your city could be next, especially if you don’t take precautions not to bring them home from elsewhere.

Here is a terrific video from PestWorld.org about bed bug prevention. Their advice? Here are their tips:

1. Know the signs—Bed bugs leave behind their shedded skin and their feces, which look like black pepper. You can find signs of bed bugs in cracks and crevices of mattresses and other furniture, in drawers, behind pictures on the wall, in the corners of bedframes.

2. Change bed linens often and stay on the lookout—When you change the sheets at home, do a visual inspection to be sure nothing has developed that you don’t know about.

3. Inspect hotel rooms before you bring in your luggageHow to inspect a hotel room.

4. Inspect your luggage when you get home—Bring your clothes home in a plastic bag and wash and dry them on hot before you put them away.

5. Examine furniture—Anything you buy or bring home, whether brand new, previously owned, vintage or antique, it could bring visitors along. Even furniture stores have experienced bed bug infestations.

6. Inspect new clothes—You probably already wash new clothes before you wear them, but this is another reason to do so.

7. Don’t put your luggage on the floor—Put your suitcase on the suitcase stand in your room.

8. Declutter—If you do get bed bugs, it will be much easier to deal with them if everything is in its place. But a clean house is not proof against bed bugs, unfortunately.

9. Don’t ignore them—Moving to another bedroom won’t help—they will follow you! If you think you have bed bugs, follow tip #10.

10. Call a pest professional! Bed bugs are not a good project for DIY. You can end up with a reinfestation, exposure to pesticides and bed bugs in more rooms than you started with.

Alliance Environmental Group uses ThermaPureHeat to kill bed bugs at every stage of development—egg, nymph, and adult—in one treatment without the use of dangerous chemicals or pesticides. If you need help anywhere in California, contact us!

Wendy Stackhouse is the Online Community Manager for Alliance Environmental Group and AirTek Indoor Air Solutions. She welcomes your comments! For more news and tips or to ask questions of our experts, Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter! For updates on indoor air challenges, Like us at AirTek on Facebook!

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