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by Wendy Stackhouse · March 05, 2014

Dinner With Friends Goal Far Surpassed!

Popcakery cake

We will have more details to report soon, but the final numbers for the Dinner with Friends are in and we are thrilled! And check out the fantastic cake made by the Popcakery!

You might remember that last year's Dinner with Friends raised a tremendous total of over $19,000. We were very excited about that increase from our first year's total and rightly so. However...

This year our goal was reached and surpassed as we raised over...

Are you ready?


I bet you can guess what next year's goal will be! Carlos and Matt are very happy, but also already making plans!

We are looking forward to more photos from the event but while we are waiting here is Carlos doing the Hula!


It was a great night! Congratulations to everyone who attended, donated, sponsored, planned and executed this amazing event! Let's do it again next year!

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