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by Wendy Stackhouse · August 07, 2013

Lead Found in Hot Sauce

Tabasco Sauce label Tabasco Sauce is made in Avery Island, Louisiana, USA

It seems like lead is found in something new every day, doesn't it?

We've reported to you on lead found in:




Baby food

I just learned that one of my daughter's teachers brings a bottle of hot sauce with her everywhere she goes and now I read that some imported hot sauces have tested positive for lead.

Researchers at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas tested 25 bottles of hot sauce purchased in markets and grocery stores in the US, but imported from Mexico and South America. 4 bottles tested positive for lead in excess of FDA standards. That's 16% of the sampled sauces.

One of the researchers, Shawn Gerstenberger, lamented the lack of actual rules about lead in hot sauce. “There is no standard for hot sauce like there is for sugar or raisins because the product is considered a condiment or seasoning.” He recommended washing peppers used to make the hot sauces as well as changing to sea salt from mined salt as an ingredient to reduce the lead content.

Until there is a standard and testing of imported hot sauces, we might just stick to Tabasco!

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