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by Wendy Stackhouse · February 04, 2013

Lead Paint Exposed After a Disaster

Our own Krystle Pacay went along on a lead removal project last week and sent in this report!

We were called in to an apartment in Pomona, California because of a positive test for lead in the ceiling after water from upstairs caused damage in the bedroom.

Alliance Van

But lead paint removal, to be done safely, takes preparation and isolation to prevent any lead dust contaminating other parts of the residence or going home with the cleanup crew.

Isolating lead

Then the lead paint removal team can move in and start the project:

Ready to begin

You can see here that there was a lot to clean up:

lead contaminated flooring

The team from Alliance Environmental Group removed the lead paint and damaged building materials and disposed of it all properly, without danger to themselves, the apartment residents or Krystle!

We expect our teams to send us even more great process photos of future projects. Thanks, Krystle! See you next time!

Van door

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