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by Wendy Stackhouse · October 21, 2013

Lead Poisoning Awareness Week Has Begun!

Lead Free Kids

If you visit our Facebook Page this week, you will notice that we are posting a lot about lead poisoning and promoting Lead Poisoning Awareness Week, October 21-27, 2013.

Many people think that lead poisoning is no longer a problem for today's population, but that is far from the truth. Any home built before 1978 can have lead-based paint lurking under newer colors. Lead ammunition is till poisoning California Condors today, although Governor Jerry Brown just signed a lead ammunition ban that should help. We often report on this blog about imported items--including food and toys--which turn out to contain illegal amounts of lead.

Your child may be too old to eat paint chips, but they could still be exposed to lead in your home through lead dust opening windows and doors or in their outdoor environment. And the CDC has determined that a very low level of lead in a child's blood can cause health and developmental problems. How can you minimize your child's exposure to lead?

Wash your child's hands before meals and after playing outside.
Provide your child with foods that are high in iron, calcium and Vitamin C.
Frequently wash toys, pacifiers and other items your child uses regularly.
Dust and wet mop weekly.
Have your family members leave their shoes outside the door.
Test your home for lead to determine the source of exposure.
Ensure that any renovation and maintenance work is done in a lead-safe manner.
Follow-up with your child's doctor.


At Alliance, we are committed to helping Californians reduce and remove the risk of lead poisoning from their environment. If your home needs lead paint removed, our highly trained, professional teams can do the job safely and quickly and put your mind at ease. Contact us for help with lead paint removal. Come on over and Like us on Facebook. And wash your hands!

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