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by Wendy Stackhouse · March 13, 2013

Support the Child Guidance Center--And Win!

Child Guidance Center logo

We have a great opportunity for you to help some families--and maybe win some money!--coming up and we thought you might like to hear about it!

The Child Guidance Center was founded in 1967 by parents and mental health care professionals to address the needs of kids in Orange County, California. Services for children with emotional and behavioral challenges were provided pro bono by professionals and volunteers in donated office space until the CGC moved into their own facilities in the 1970's. Since 1999, the CGC's off-site services have been available as well as in-home and on-campus.

Today, the Child Guidance Center serves over 1200 children and families each week and employs 80+ professional child behavioral health specialists and support staff.

Alliance Environmental Group supports the efforts of the Child Guidance Center and you can, too! Tickets for an amazing raffle are available and we have 5 in our possession! The Child Guidance Center is attempting to raise $10,000 to offset a budget shortfall due to funding delays. Donate $100 and have a 1 in 200 chance to win $1000--better odds than the lottery, huh?

Help a child today! Follow the instructions in this picture and let us know if you win! Of course, in a raffle like this EVERYONE IS A WINNER! Good luck!

Help a Child Raffle Instructions
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