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by Wendy Stackhouse · October 08, 2012

Delay in Implementation of LRRP Rules for Commercial Buildings

Last time we talked about the Lead: Renovation, Repair and Painting (LRRP) rule, we discussed the possibility of an "opt-out" provision if there were no pregnant women or children living in a residential building during a renovation project.

The latest development the ongoing process of implementing the new rule for working with lead contamination in renovation projects is a delay in rule enforcement for commercial buildings.

The parts of the LRRP rule that have been put into place so far have applied to residential buildings that house or could house children and were built before lead paint was banned for use in residential structures in 1978. Commercial buildings, however, have not yet been affected by the rule. The commercial portion of the rule was due to be implemented in September of 2012, but the Environmental Protection Agency has had to put that implementation off to at least 2015.

A litigation settlement agreement has been put in place delaying the rule until the EPA has done the required studies on lead dust effects on adults and developed required lead test kits called for in the rule.

The rule regarding commercial buildings would apply to every commercial buiding in the country, including those built after 1978, since lead paint was not banned for use in commercial buildings when it was banned for residences. The rule's effects on construction and renovation, not to mention lead abatement projects, will be immense.

Hopefully, by 2015, the EPA will have a clear idea of the danger of lead dust to adults as well as a reliable test kit for both residential and commercial building sites.

We will continue to keep our ear to the ground for further developments!

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