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by Wendy Stackhouse · July 20, 2012

Jewelry: A Potential Source of Lead

16 jewelry vendors in California have been found to be selling jewelry containing lead and cadmium.

ABC News reported this week that a state investigation of jewelry sellers has determined that some products sold contain toxic levels of lead and cadmium, some over 1000 times the legal limit.

The offending vendors are being fined tens of thousands of dollars in an attempt to discourage them—and others—from selling the toxic jewelry in the future.

Lead is an extremely toxic element known to contribute to:

Coordination problems
Slowed speech development
Lower IQ

and high exposure can even cause death.

Toys and jewelry are special risks because of the likelihood of ending up in children’s mouths.

Here is the video news report from ABC News:

Before buying any inexpensive jewelry, make sure to ask the vendor if it contains lead. If you are unsure about the metal content of any jewelry, don’t buy it. The low price is not worth the risk.

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