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by Susana · October 08, 2013

Lead Paint Lawsuit Update



More and more individuals have been aware of the harm that lead can have to someone’s health. Previously we blogged about the lead paint lawsuit in California. The lead paint case could make paint manufacturers and distributors to spend one billion dollars or more to clean up lead paint in homes and everywhere else where lead paint may be found. An update on the case was made these past two weeks. The lawyers defending the paint companies stated that the paint manufacturers did not have any knowledge of the lead paint threat through a long period in their businesses. The other party is arguing that these paint manufacturers and the paint industry ignored the fact that lead was a threat to the public. Now older homes still have lead in their homes and many are worried that children are being exposed to lead. Superior Court Judge James Kleinberg has ninety days to issue a ruling on this case.

In the states of Rhode Island, Ohio, and Missouri the industry has won in the courts. Many are hoping for the state of California to win and the industry to lose in the court. However, many may feel that the outcome may not be a good one. In those ninety days here in California, we should have a verdict whether many residential areas will be in effect of the ruling that Kleinberg decides. We understand that lead a serious issue and harmful for our health. For children, even low levels of lead can harm their nerve system. In addition, lead found in adults can harm their nervous system, reproductive system, and the cardiovascular system.

With the help of agencies like the EPA, we can spread awareness of the dangers of lead in both adults and children. At Alliance Environmental Group, Inc our environmental division follows strict procedures to minimize, control and contain the lead dust created by the removal process. Alliance is a certified lead-removal contractor. If you are concerned about lead paint in your home or commercial building we can assist you. Visit our website and like our Facebook Community Page to keep updated on the services that Alliance provides.


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