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by Wendy Stackhouse · September 10, 2012

Mold Delaying Start of School Year

US Mold Spore Map

You're probably hearing about the teachers' strike in Chicago this morning, but there are other factors delaying the opening of the school year in various places around the US.

There has been a lot of odd weather this summer and it has definitely affected the incidence of mold, especially in Chicago, but all over the country as well. We reported earlier that mold spore counts in the Chicago area were very high. In fact the Midwest mold spore count as of last Thursday was 60,000, well into the level that indicates dangerous air quality for those who are allergic to mold.

The schools in Chicago are not closed for mold but we do have quite a few stories of delayed school openings around the country:


Oxford School in Fairhaven has been closed since 2007, but was schedule to be used this year while the nearby Wood School is being renovated, but elevated levels of mold spores were found in the gymnasium. Administrators believe that the mold spores probably came from getting wooden furniture out of storage for use, rather than mold currently growing in the building.

New Jersey:

The Northfield Community School District has delayed the opening of school for a second time. High temperatures and high humidity and rain during the summer months, when the buildings are unoccupied and HVAC systems are not running very often, are being blamed for the mold situation which could take as long as another 2 weeks to remediate.

In the Somers Point School District, all school facilities are closed indefinitely due to mold. Evidence has been found in every single school building.

Weymouth Township School District is expecting to open one week later than planned due to mold contamination.

In Manchester Township, the Middle School will be closed for months and their students are taking their classes at the local high school, sharing that building with the high school students by splitting the days in half.

And even more schools: Westminster, Berkeley, Ocean Township, Roosevelt, the list goes on and on.


In an example of how quickly mold can become a problem, a Middle School in Norfolk had their air conditioning go out for 2 days due to storm damage and mold immediately took hold. School is closed until next week.

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Alliance wishes all of our friends a fantastic school year, whenever it begins!

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