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by Wendy Stackhouse · September 05, 2012

New Opt-Out for Lead Rules Proposed

My first blog at Alliance was on the topic of the Lead: Renovation, Repair and Painting rules and early this summer another change to those rules was proposed.

Under the proposed rule, contractors would be permitted to opt-out of some of the stricter lead work practices in owner-occupied homes with lead paint, if the residents do not include children under 6 or pregnant women.

These changes were introduced in the Senate in March and the House in June of this year.

This rule change would impact single-family homes, but not apartment buildings where the tenants--and their demographics--change frequently and unpredictably, but it seems to us that they are still taking chances with future owners of single-family homes.

Lead dust doesn't go away. It doesn't degrade and it is never safe. Will those homeowners warn future buyers that they had lead paint removed without following strict guidelines to prevent contamination? Will anyone even remember ten, twenty, thirty years from now?

Landlords are still required, even if this rule passes, to use specially-trained lead paint removal workers as well as certified supervisors; this rule affects owner-occupied homes.

Other proposed rule changes would eliminate lead testing after abatement to ensure that there is no further danger, which makes a record of how much lead dust is present after lead paint abatement and major renovation projects. At Alliance, we know that elimination of testing after abatement is a bad idea and hope that those particular rule changes are never put into effect.

If you own a home or a rental property built prior to 1978, your structure may very well still harbor lead-based paint that was legal at that time. It is very important to have that lead-based paint removed by a certified and well-trained lead abatement professional. Potentially deadly lead dust can be released into your environment by simply opening a window or a door, let alone by a major renovation. Protect your health, that of your family and that of the future owners of your property. Use a professional lead abatement company like Alliance Environmental Group to remove lead-based paint from your home properly before it becomes an insoluble problem.

Great thanks to the National Apartment Association's Political Insider for material for this article.

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