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by Susana · August 13, 2013

No safe level of Asbestos

There is no safe level of asbestos. Being exposed to asbestos can happen from activity that disturbs asbestos. Disturbing the asbestos makes the asbestos fibers airborne. When these asbestos fibers are floating in the air and are inhaled, there are diseases that effect your health. Cancer can develop from swallowing asbestos fibers. Asbestosis is the scaring of lung tissue that causes breathing problems. Pleural Plaques is the scarring of the inner ribcage and surrounding areas of the lungs. Lung cancer and Mesothelioma effect the lining of the lungs. Pericardial mesothelioma affects tissue that surrounds the heart. Being aware of the effects of asbestos is crucial.

Asbestos is still being used in the United States despite the known risks. Asbestos refers to a set of six minerals so there are six strong heat resistant types of asbestos. To learn more about asbestos like our Facebook Community Page. If you think your home or building contains asbestos it is important to seek professional assistance. Alliance Environmental is a licensed asbestos removal company with extensive experience. Please Contact Us today if you think your environment may contain asbestos. Below is a detailed infographic from Asbestos Awareness Week from last year.


Do you know about asbestos?
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