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by Susana · July 23, 2013

Uncontrollable Moisture= Mold

Yesterday's blog we learned about three things that mold thrive on and what to do about it. Today, we will learn about the types of mold there is and how mold can effect our health.

Unresolved moisture problems can lead to mold in your building and home. You may have seen little black and brown spots on a wall, carpet, and inside air condition systems. Mold can grow anywhere. However, mold will increase and will grow if moisture is present and is not fixed. There are several types and characteristics that mold is identified as. How can you identify which type of mold is in your home or in the building you are in? Below is a detailed info graphic provided by Basement Technologies and gives an explanation about the types of mold, the characteristics, where mold can grow and the effects that mold can have to your health.

It is important to know what types of mold there is and how it can effect your health. If you can clean up the mold but do not fix the water damage or control the moisture that is present, the mold will come back. There are 3 generally simple steps to control mold and get rid of it.

1: Testing and inspecting will be the first step to knowing the type of mold that is growing in your environment. The inspection and testing will give an opportunity to create a remediation plan to remove the mold.

2:Fixing water leaks or water problems. Drying the effected area is key to making sure that mold will not grow.

3: Removing the mold.

Alliance is licensed to remove mold and can develop a remediation plan for you and get rid of any mold in your environment. Alliance also uses ThermaPureHeat to get rid of mold. If you have mold in your environment and want to know how Alliance can help you please visit our website.

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