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by Alliance Environmental · January 24, 2012

VIDEO: Lead Poisoning in Children

Although lead-based paint has been banned in the US since 1978, any home built before that time could—and should be assumed to—be a potential source of lead poisoning.

You may not see any peeling paint, but lead dust enters the air when painted surfaces rub against each other, like when you open doors or windows.  Lead also becomes a danger during renovations, when old paint may be scraped or sanded.

There are very strict rules about construction and renovation when lead is present, but not all contractors are following them or checking the dates on homes before they begin work.  If your house was built before 1978, have it tested for lead and if you are going to do any renovations, have a certified lead removal contractor take care of all lead-based paint before you do the work. 

Lead is extremely dangerous and even a very tiny amount can cause permanent brain damage in children.  Here is a video from a news station in Portland, Oregon about a family who thought they were safe, but fell victim to an irresponsible renovator with dire consequences to their 3 children.

When lead-based paint on surfaces is sanded or scraped, it breaks into tiny, sometimes invisible pieces that children can swallow or inhale. Lead dust can settle on floors, walls and furniture.

Alliance Environmental Group offers lead paint containment and removal, thorough decontamination, and disposal.  Have any lead danger removed from your home with the comfort of knowing that your contractor takes every possible safety precaution for you, your family and your community.

Lead poisoning is completely preventable, but only if you think ahead and know the facts.

The Environmental Protection Agency is considering lowering the standards for “lead poisoning” from 10 micrograms per deciliter of blood to 5 micrograms, which means if your home has any lead paint at all, your children will be at risk.  It also means that many more home renovation projects will require safe lead removal services.  If you need help getting lead out of your home in California, call on Alliance Environmental Group

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