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Case Studies

Case Study

by Alliance Environmental · August 20, 2018

Asbestos Abatement Case Study

The Problem

The Calvary Episcopal Church in downtown Santa Cruz, CA was built in 1865, the same year the Civil War ended. It’s been open to worshipers ever since, and is now the oldest building in Santa Cruz County still being used for its original purpose.

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by Alliance Environmental · July 06, 2018

Drywood Termite Treatment Case Study

In the summer of 2018, Alliance received a call from Mark Russell with California Termite Solutions representing a homeowner with a property in escrow. The homeowner needed to clear up a termite infestation before the sale could be closed. Looking to complete the sale within days, they did not have time to use a traditional chemical fumigation process that could take up to a week to complete. They needed the problem resolved, fast. That’s where Alliance stepped in.

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by Alliance Environmental · September 28, 2017

Emergency Abatement Case Study

In summer 2017, Alliance received an emergency debris pick up call. The driver of a diesel truck suddenly suffered a stroke, causing the truck to collide with a two story apartment building. The driver of the truck survived, and luckily there were no injuries to the tenants. However, the debris from the collision had asbestos containing materials and therefore needed to be contained by licensed professionals in order to prevent contamination.

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by Alliance Environmental · March 22, 2017

Case Study - Actavis | Alliance

Actavis Generics, formerly known as Watson Pharmaceuticals, contacted Airtek Indoor Air Solutions to perform a high-risk, professional air duct cleaning of their facility.

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by Alliance Environmental · September 14, 2016

Case Study - Hoarding | Alliance

Hoarding situations can be highly sensitive and, in some cases, present a potential danger or hazard to personal health and safety. In this case, the client had been hoarding for over 20 years.

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