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Case Studies

Case Study

by Alliance Environmental · September 28, 2017

Emergency Abatement Case Study

In summer 2017, Alliance received an emergency debris pick up call. The driver of a diesel truck suddenly suffered a stroke, causing the truck to collide with a two story apartment building. The driver of the truck survived, and luckily there were no injuries to the tenants. However, the debris from the collision had asbestos containing materials and therefore needed to be contained by licensed professionals in order to prevent contamination.

Due to the high velocity of the crash, the building was collapsing. Another third party company was involved in shoring the apartments to support the weight of the structure as it was compromised upon impact. The project took four months to plan, as the shoring company was being trained in asbestos awareness and permits were needed. The project location was on Imperial Highway in Los Angeles County where proper cleanup required shutting down one lane. Due to the high volume of traffic on this highway, coordination with the city and state were a key factor to success.

After the planning was complete, and the project was able to commence, completion time was one full working day. The Alliance team worked side-by-side the shoring company to ensure thorough work in a safe environment and contain any possible contamination. Mini Excavator and boom lifts, along with other large professional equipment, were used to stabilize the structure and preform the asbestos abatement.

The project required ten people on site to perform the work. This was phase one of three phases. The project will continue with soil abatement and clearing any debris in order to move on to phase three for contents inventory and full guts of the interior for both units.

Emergency Abatement Case Study Alliance Environmental

Damaged building from truck crash Alliance Environmental

Alliance Environmental workers on scene of truck crash

Side view of damaged building from truck Alliance Environmental

Emergency Abatement Case Study Alliance Environmental

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